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Tennis: Protein, Gluten and Nutrition


In our continuing quest to come to terms with nutrition in tennis, we decided to talk to Dr. Maurizio Tommasini, a Nutritionist and Biologist who is in expert in sports nutrition. He has certainly become an authority on the subject when it comes to tennis, and has some interesting ideas which will no doubt help players who are looking for a physical edge.

1• Dr. Tommasini, let’s start with this: in nutrition, it is very important to plan and execute your diet in a timely way. Is there a reference model from which every player can extract ideas, or is it better to work on a person-by-person basis with a nutritionist in order to come up with a good diet?

Dr. Tommasini: In the case of athletes, both amateur and professional, taking into account the time and commitment being put into their sport, I think it is necessary to work directly with a nutritionist. This is so that the specific characteristics of each person can be taken into account in order to build the perfect plan for that person. Lifestyle, time, volume and type of training, personal preferences, availability to prepare meals…these are all elements that need to be carefully evaluated before we can construct a food plan. Meals need to meets the actual needs of the person, and should not be bound to schemes that cannot, due to their intrinsic rigidity, satisfy requirements that may vary considerably over a short period of time.


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