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How To Effectively Burn Fat While Training


When it comes to running or exercising in general, how do you approach your training sessions? Do you go running for a breath of fresh air, or because you want to do something that is good for your body? The truth is that not everyone trains because they love doing it. Some want to “detox” after an extended period of indulging, or because they know a period of indulging is on the horizon and they don’t want to feel guilty.

Of course, many of us train in order to lose weight, and to this end there are some important questions to ask. What, above all, is the most efficient way to approaching training in order to lose weight? For example, is it better to run on an empty stomach to burn more fat, or to run slowly and keep your heart rate in the right bracket? Do you have to run in short, intense intervals, or for long periods at a steady pace?



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