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9 Tips For Getting The Perfect Abs

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When you decide that you want to get your abs into perfect shape, you would think the first steps would be to eat less and train only your abdominal muscles every day. Of course, everyone has abdominal muscles, but they are often hidden by a layer of fat. As a fitness coach, I've seen many people make the same mistakes when training their abs, and after some success their newfound abs simply disappear. What are they doing wrong? What should they be doing? Today, we look at how to get (and keep) the perfect abs.

9 things to do if you want the perfect abs

1. DON’T JUST FOCUS ON YOUR ABS I’m not saying that ab exercises are useless, but they are not as important as you may think. Many people have muscle imbalances such as a weak core or back, and doing ab exercises can be painful and pointless for these individuals. If you want to get rid of the fat layer covering your abs, it's best to do compound exercises like squats, biceps curls, lunges and overhead presses. Even planking and push-ups can work wonders, and they have many benefits in addition to working your abs.


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