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The Secret Ingredients Found in Champions 

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So, you have a natural athlete. That’s the “GIFT”. But why do so many athletes fail to reach their full potential? Being an athlete is one component out of the dozens required to maximize potential. What are some of the other Secrets? Time Management The time management life skill is the ability to use one’s time efficiently or productively. A successful athlete with strong time management skills would organize daily, weekly, and monthly planners to assist in scheduling the development of each of the four major components (technical, athletic, mental, and emotional) essential to compete at the higher levels. Adaptability The adaptability life skill is being able to adjust to different situations and conditions comfortably. To get the most from your physical talent, one must be open to change. Adapting is emotional intelligence at work.

“No athlete has ever reached their full potential without learning to overcome stress, fear, and discomfort. Life skills are essential.”

Handling Adversity Handling adversity is a critical athletic and life skill. Competition brings hardship, drama, and suffering along with positive attributes. Overcoming daily problems is a driving force of champions. Seeing adversity as a challenge versus a life or death crisis is vital. Handling Stress Stress causes physiological and mental tension. It occurs when one believes that their physical skills aren't strong enough to meet the challenge. While some personalities stress more than others, proper preparation and a positive attitude dramatically reduce stress levels. Perseverance Perseverance is one’s ability to stay on course through setbacks, discouragement, injuries, and losses. It is the ability to fight stubbornly to achieve greatness.


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