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7 Foods With Hidden Sugar

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80% of prepackaged food contains sugar, which makes it difficult to avoid this substance. Sugar has been used for centuries as a basic ingredient in food like cakes, sweets and biscuits. But in modern times, sugar has also been added to other foods to make them tastier and encourage us to buy more of them. In fact, the term “bliss point” is an industry term that refers to the correct levels of sweetness that induce maximum satisfaction in the consumer. This level of sugar is designed to create a certain level of “addiction,” which the producers hope will lead consumers to buy a lot of their product.

When we consume sugar, the pleasure centers in our brain are activated, which makes us feel good. A chemical element called dopamine is released, thanks to which we feel a sense of pleasure. And so we continue to take in sugars, often unknowingly through foods which we do not think will have them.


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