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Win With Goal-Setting

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How do the great champions end up, match after match, tournament after tournament, season after season, at or near the top of the rankings? What drives them to constantly challenge themselves, to constantly put themselves out there for the whole world to critique them? And, similarly, what drives a club player to practice day in and day out, even if they will never be rewarded in the same way as a pro?

From a mental perspective, the key to success can be separated into two different parts: motivation and goal-setting. Motivation is a complicated thing, and manifests differently for different people. For many, the love and passion for tennis is what drives them. They want to be the best players they possibly can be, and will not rest until they have fulfilled their potential. This passion for the sport that drives us is an example of intrinsic motivation, or motivation that comes from within. Intrinsic motivation is nourished by success on the court and a feeling of progress is one’s game.

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