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Don’t Be A Slave To Excuses

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Have you ever heard a tennis player talk about everything that has been going wrong on the court? Hearing them talk, it might even sound as if there is some sort of conspiracy keeping that player from performing well. Perhaps you recognize your own behavior in the example above. We often attribute blame or responsibility for a bad performance on external factors, such as weather, the opponent’s luck or just our own bad luck.

While all of these things can certainly be a factor in how you play the game, and they can definitely be a distraction, if you focus on them too much it will be to your detriment. All players experience the same struggles, but if you allow it to get to you, you will become a slave to your excuses.

We all have a natural tendency to try and assign blame when something goes wrong. It is only human, and the propensity of doing so is linked to personality, background and age. But no matter where you are from or how hard it is to stop this kind of behavior, it is critical that you do so.


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