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The Power Of True Positive Thinking

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The path to becoming a winning tennis player, as I explained in the first article of this section, starts with mental training. Internal dialogue is at the very heart of this, as it is through such mental activity that you as a human being become aware of yourself and the reality around you. It is how you formulate hypotheses and judgments, understand complex concepts and develop pessimism or optimism. Each of us speaks to ourselves, and do so through that "narrative voice" that accompanies us in every moment of our existence, and which cannot be silenced in any way. Inner dialogue affects concentration and motivation. It can build up or demolish self-esteem. So you can guess how important it is to harness this in a positive way! Even more fundamentally, we can say that thought arouses emotions, emotions change your state of mind, your state of mind influences your actions, and actions condition the result.

Ergo: thought affects the result!

Thought> Emotions> State of mind> Actions> Result


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