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Quite often, many players have correct technical movement, but claim to have confidence issues because they lack consistency in their strokes. They are convinced that this lack of consistency is a technical problem. They say, "We have to strike further ahead, have to have better support, have to have more spin, etc."

While these surely can be factors to be fixed, they are often not the main reason for the lack of consistency at all. Personally, I believe that the fundamental reason why a player is not CONSISTENT is because he tries to play beyond his means. He tries to play as he would like to do or as they tell them to do, and not as he really can!!! I like to consider the shots as an "entity" of the player. Each player has "a" forehand, "a" backhand, "a" serve, all of which somehow have their own "personality", that is, an INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY.

The shots speak for themselves. Every mistake or every shot that’s corrected tells us what we have done well or what needs to be adapted, but the player rarely listens, not because he is deaf, but because he has not learned to listen, or we have not taught him to listen, even to only listen to his expectations. From my view, WE ARE ALL CONSISTENT. We can all put 100 balls on… but at the level or speed that corresponds to us.


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