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Tennis Backhand

Backhand Practice. Use a ball machine as a teaching tool
The little finger in the two-handed backhand
If Roger Federer had a two-handed backhand, how would it affect his career?
3 Steps to Mastering Your 2 Handed Backhand
Djokovic's 2 handed backhand analysis
How to use your wrists in the two-handed backhand
Slice Backhand
Improve your backhand without changing your technique.
Lesson from the champion - Backhand
Good takeback for two-handed backhand
The Backhand Slice
The role of the free arm in the one-handed backhand
The progression of the two-handed backhand (Part two)
The progression of the two-handed backhand (Part One)
The two-handed backhand in tennis
Backhand progression (Part 2)
Backhand progression (Part 1)
The one-handed backhand in tennis
Backhand: one or two hands?
The transfer of weight for the one-handed backhand
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