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Singles Tennis

To read the serve…
Anticipation In Tennis
Attacking The Second Serve
Using Angles Effectively
The concept of aim in tennis
Hit a Forehand Winner Like - Nadal
Hit a Forehand Winner Like - Djokovic
Hit a Forehand Winner Like - Federer
Playing according to the score
What to do after a drop shot
How can you influence your opponent’s second serve?
How to properly use the tactical anticipation
How important is it to know how our opponent plays
How to play from the baseline
How to take advantage to short balls
Use your opponent’s motion
Adopt a tactic based on your style
Return: which tactic?
Tactics against drop shots
Running Around Your Backhand
The rule of the FIRST passing shot - part 2
Anticipation through the grip’s reading… how to do it?
Percentages In Tennis
How to read your opponent´s serve
The magical formula in tennis
Identify your opponent’s weakness during warm-up
Assessing every situation in a match
Technique or tactics?
Tactical errors in tennis - Part 2
How to play against people with only a good forehand
Tactical Errors In Tennis (Part 1)
Play away
The rule of the first passing shot (part 1)
Play according to the score - the seventh game
Attacking the net
How has Federer been so successful in the modern era of tennis with such old school style of play that almost nobody uses now
How to Hit Your Groundstrokes Deeper
3 Strategies to Dominate Your Singles Matches
Tennis Tactics and Strategy: How to Beat a Pusher in Tennis
Tennis Lob Technique - How and When to Use It
What to if you have a weak second serve
How Roger Won it All + 3 Ways to Win More Points (And Matches)
Are you a Tennis WARRIOR?
The Importance Of A Good Start
Do you know the theory of the middle of the court?
Learning a technical action
Singles Tactics
The Tactics Of Clay Tennis
How can you use visual clues to neutralize first serve ball?
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