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Tennis Backhand

Maria Sharapova - Slow Motion Backhands
Roddick´s Slice Backhand
Verdasco´s Slice Backhand
Henin´s Slice Backhand
Djokovic´s Slice backhand
Federer´s slice backhand
Schiavone - Slice Backhand
Schiavone´s topspin Backhand
Federer - Slow motion topspin Backhand
Justine Henin - Super Slow Motion Air Backhand
Gasquet - Slow Motion Topspin Backhand
Blake´s Backhand
Kohlschreiber´s topspin Backhand
Almagro´s slow motion topspin Backhand
Novak Djokovic - Slow Motion Backhands (Left Side)
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