(New Video) Effortless Serve Power With ONE Move?

(New Video) Effortless Serve Power With ONE Move?

Author: Federico Coppini | 2017-11-29 01:42 | 40130 reads

First of all, watch this.

In video 2 of his brand new serve training Ramon teaches, you a cool move you can use immediately to get MASSIVE power on your serve… and it’s effortless!

But there’s a catch…

If you don’t use this one move … you’re literally leaving 10-20 mph on the table for your serve.  And that’s NOT so fun.

The great news is… Ramon walks you through how to do it properly in this video.  And it’s surprisingly simple!

If you’ve already opted in, you should be receiving it very soon.  And if you haven’t opted in yet, you can do that here.

In the meantime, enjoy video 2 !

Talk soon,


P.S. There have been a ton of questions about The Simple Serve 2.0 + The Serve Doctor.  I’ll have that information for you tomorrow!


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