What are Roger Federer's best skills?

Tennis - The best weapons of the Swiss Maestro

Author: Lorenzo Ciotti | 2020-01-06 15:10 | 15621 reads

Roger Federer is the fusion point between classic tennis and modern tennis. His tennis is unanimously considered the most spectacular of the ATP Tour of his generation. Technique, class, fantasy and spectacular shots. But what are Roger Federer's best skills? Service
Federer obtained 11,299 aces, winning 77% points off his first serves and 57% points on his 2nd serve, in his career.

Surely the service is one of the best weapons of the Swiss. Forehand
The forehand is a weapon with which Federer built his career. Able to vary his accelerations, finding crazy angles, the forehand is a fundamental weapon in his tennis.

Federer's one-handed backhand is a shot on which the Swiss worked hard on during his career. Considered by many to be his weakness, it was thanks to the backhand that he won the 2017 Australian Open final against his nemesis, Rafael Nadal.

Net game
Federer is a true master of the net game. At the net, he seems like a tennis player from a different era, where touch, sensitivity and fantasy still play a fundamental role. Return
Federer makes the return a solid shot, but certainly not the best of his repertoire, especially when compared to that of Novak Djokovic.

Mental strength
According to many detractors, Federer is the Big Three player who has less mental strength. This thesis is reinforced by what happened in the Wimbledon 2019 final when he wasted two match points on his service.

In Melbourne 2017 he won against Nadal thanks to his mental strength: a player who won 20 Slams in his career cannot fail to have mental strength. Physical strength and speed
Despite not having the same athletic power as Nadal, Federer manages to not waste precious energy during matches, thanks to his skilful management of the body, then getting shots of incredible speed.

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