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CEO and founder of TennisWorld USA
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I fell in love with tennis back in 2001 and from that day on this sport has become an essential part of my life. I grew up watching Sampras and Agassi, witnessing Federer’s supremacy and Nadal’s rise (still not able to choose between them).
In the meantime, a MA in journalism & publishing, a few international experiences in the UK. I then joined Tennis World Italia in 2013, moving then to Tennis World USA in 2015, where I am now editor-in-chief, overseeing the editorial strategy, managing the team and the media relations.
Firm believer that tennis is art in motion and one-handed backhand is its greatest expression.

Copy Editor

A sports fan in general, my introduction to tennis was happenstance. Never realized I would fall completely in love with the sport. Every day since then, have spent learning and absorbing the sport. Along the way, finished journalism and now am trying to combine two of my biggest passions - tennis and writing - into a career.
Aside of tennis, a semi-introvert who prefers poring over books. These days, realization has dawned that most of the times, fiction is better than fact. Except in tennis, especially after watching Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal dominate the sport all over again.
I love tennis. There’s always lots to learn. I also feel life’s like tennis, too.


I'm a 33-year-old from Serbia who started to watch men's tennis in 1999, staying in love with our beloved sport ever since. I have been following tennis on basically all the levels, exploring the history of the game and gathering a huge collection of tennis matches, and my main passions are history, stats and a development of young stars.

News Editor

Tennis fan since 2008, I first joined Tennis World team in 2013 working for the Italian version, then in 2015 I started writing on Tennis World USA as well. I mainly cover news and interviews 365 days a year with passion and motivation. You can find me on Twitter too, @LuisGatTWI is my account.

News Editor

I am a former International Level Tennis player ranked from India and was ranked amongst the Top Junior players of my country. With a lot of experience in the sports journalism industry and especially in tennis, my favorite player is Roger Federer but I have a soft corner for Rafael Nadal too!


Tennis enthusiast, I have started writing for Tennis World USA in January 2015. I have approached journalism over the years spent in London and, after months of experience, I have joined the Tennis World team. Lover of fine old-style tennis, made of volées, dropshots and net game.

News Editor

Grateful for the opportunity to write about the game I love, I’m probably the biggest fan of Nick Kyrgios. Grass is my favourite surface, while Queen’s remains my favourite tournament.


I first learned how to play tennis at college, majored in writing and became a sportswriter at my college newspaper. I played recreational and league tennis. I work at the US Open Tennis at Flushing and enjoy ATP/WTA/ITF pro tennis.


Sports journalist for ten years, I have covered Wimbledon, the ATP Finals, the Internazionali BNL of Italy. Tennis writer and tv commentator, authored the first biography in Italian devoted to Arthur Ashe, one of his three sports books.

News Editor

A 26-year-old Nadal fanatic based in India. Love to play tennis too. In addition to that I like to read, go on hikes and indulge in trivial Federer-Nadal debates. The aim is to try and start each day from love all.

News Editor

I am a former National Junior Champion from Pakistan. I started playing tennis at a very early age, winning my first tournament at the age of 9. However, after exiting the juniors, I realized I would be unable to make it to top level at international stage and quit playing ranking tournaments.
I have been following International tennis for the last 15 years and have attained inside knowledge of the past and present of the Tennis world. I have recently completed a MBA and I have a 3-year experience of writing on Tennis.

News Editor

Play tennis, watch tennis, read about tennis, dream about tennis and now write about tennis. I love the game more than anything else in the world. I hope the game remains a lifelong journey for me.



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