Trish Johnson: "It was really weird actually"

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Trish Johnson: "It was really weird actually"
Trish Johnson: "It was really weird actually"

The first time that Trish Johnson (London, England) played the Pete Dye course at French Lick Resort, she shot 82. While most professionals forget their bad rounds as soon as the ink dries on the scorecard, she vividly remembers that day and can laugh about the ridiculousness of it.

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“It was really weird actually. It was my rookie appearance and I did everything like a rookie. I came in and I thought this is utterly ridiculous. It’s like I’ve never ever played golf before and 82 was the result.

I was commentating last week so I didn’t exactly know how I’d play,” said Johnson. “But I’d practiced well the week before. I was trying to get a little less technical so it was actually good that I had a week off.

As soon as I saw Becky at seven under after nine, it was as though I sort of went oh crikey. Well that’s that then. It wasn’t a case of I’m 5 under and I’m a couple ahead of my playing partners. I was two behind and I know what she’s like, I know how well she can play.

It changed my perspective. It just freed me up really to go and make some birdies. You know when you’re so desperate to win something and you haven’t done it for quite a long time, you don’t know how you’re going to feel and it’s horrible.

I mean it really was horrible,” said the Johnson. “That horrible feeling coming down 18 thinking I need 5 to win after I saw (Becky Morgan) miss her putt. You just think, if I don’t win this I’ve really messed this up, and mind you I’ve done that before.

I hit an awful drive down 18 and I just thought the closest way in is just to go the direct route. It’s not going to be very nice but it gives me a chance to just a sort of little wedge in".