Gian Paolo Montali: "Ryder Cup, we're ready"

"This project will leave a legacy and will end in 2027 involving the whole national territory"

by Andrea Gussoni
Gian Paolo Montali: "Ryder Cup, we're ready"

First America, then Rome. Italy of golf is preparing to take up the baton from the United States. After the Ryder Cup in Wisconsin (24-26 September, one week left), the super biennial challenge of the "green" between Europe and the USA will be played, in 2023, at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Guidonia Montecelio (Rome), for the first time in Italy.

Almost six years after the awarding of the event, strongly desired by the FIG president Franco Chimenti, we see the fruits of a work that starts from afar. "We can't wait to host one of the most important sporting events in the world, a pride for all Italian sport".

In an interview with ANSA, Gian Paolo Montali, general manager of the Ryder Cup 2023 project, a few days before his departure for the United States (where he will represent the Italian Golf Federation), speaks with pride of the appointment which, in two years' time, will see the Eternal City protagonist.

Where Europe united, under the same flag with twelve golden stars on a blue background, will face the USA. "A message beyond sport, for an event that will excite and that will go beyond the result. As demonstrated with the 78th edition of the Italian Open, we are ready.

The field has already thrilled the best players of the European Tour and in the last few hours even a timeless champion like Gary Player has been able to prove it, praising the work done so far ".

Gian Paolo Montali, Ryder Cup

Montali is safe.

"This project will leave a legacy and will end in 2027 involving the whole national territory. And just as indicated by Europe in Paris 2018, the difference so far has been the unity that has distinguished the Italian Golf Federation, the board of the Ryder Cup Europe and the team of Lavinia Biagiotti and therefore of the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club .

But we cannot fail to mention the support of the Coni and all the institutions, which have never abandoned us, believing right away in what many thought remained only a dream, which has now become reality ". By January 2022 the challenge will already come alive with the choice of captains.

"For Europe I expect a strong name, as well as for the US. One above all: Tiger Woods. The hope now is that he will be able to recover better from the serious accident he suffered. Health comes first and then sport. Seeing him in Rome, leading the United States, would mean something very big.

He is golf and we want something unique for the Ryder of 2023 ". Now the 43rd edition on stage in Wisconsin, with no Italian players on the pitch. "It's a shame, especially if we think that in 2018 in Paris it was Francesco Molinari who dragged the Old Continent to success by winning all five matches played and signing the European record.

But we have an ever-expanding movement. I am sure that Chicco Molinari will return to the levels of the past, in the meantime, however, we can boast talents such as Guido Migliozzi to which is added, for the latest brilliant results, Francesco Laporta, now an international reality.

From Puglia, he will be an example for many young people in the South and will grow in a exponential ". At Kohler's Whistling Straits Golf Course everyone points to the US - which can count on eight of the top ten players in the world - as the big favorites.

"The one led by Steve Stricker is an authentic battleship. On paper, the US starts as favorites, but the card does not go on the pitch. In France, too, everyone would have bet on the success of the United States. And instead Europe has dominated, showing off not only talent but above all cohesion.

As a sportsman and former coach I know how decisive the group can be. I am confident and certain that it will be a great show. And the opportunity will be useful to further prepare the ground for the Marco Simone challenge Golf & Country Club.

The interest is incredible, as are the expectations. So far we have fulfilled what we promised and we will continue to do so. And the golden summer of Italian sport - concludes Montali - as well as being proud it has made us responsible for giving and doing more and more". (HANDLE).

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