Stefano Mazzoli: "I'm about to return to Usa"

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Stefano Mazzoli: "I'm about to return to Usa"

Collin Morikawa, Matthew Wolff, Viktor Hovland, and Stefano Mazzoli. Respectively, the Americans number 3 and 47 in world golf, the Norwegian number 13 and the Italian number 612 in the ranking today. The four studied in the US and played a lot together.

"I spent four intense years in the United States - explains the 24 year old from Segrate to Golfando - and I met many players who are on the Tour today. Morikava, Hovland and Wolff know them well" The first question arises almost spontaneously: no wonder Hovland is entitled to qualify for the 2021 Ryder Cup in Wisconsin? “No, Viktor is really strong.

He is an example, - says Stefano - he is strong in his head and has a great game strategy. Wolff has impressive ball striking. Morikawa is a swing machine and has strong nerves ”.

Stefano Mazzoli, statements

"I'm about to leave to return to the USA.

In Europe, the situation on the Tour is still blocked for Covid. There is no possibility to play for direct access to the European Tour. So I try to enter the Korn Ferry Tour " The Korn Ferry is the only circuit that today allows you to get the card to set foot on the PGA Tour, the most coveted by any professional.

At the end of the season fifty players get the pass for the PGA, twenty-five based on the ranking on the Korn Ferry and twenty-five in a sort of Fedex Cup. "On September 21, the first stage for the circuit awaits me, I go to Orlando, I play at Orange County National.

Those who pass take part in the second stage, in November " As mentioned Stefano Mazzoli knows the fields of the United States well, having studied at Texas Christian University, in Fort Worth. “I recommend it to everyone: go study and play golf there.

Each student returns with a good degree and a lot of experience on the green. Of course, four years is a long time if you can't find a coach on site ”. Mazzoli explains that “college players in the States don't have a personal coach, a coach who follows you every day and advises you.

In theory, there is a college coach but in practice he is more of a manager: he chooses the matches, the composition of the team, organizes the trips… " In Italy, on the other hand, every pro has at least three points of reference, from the coach to the coach for the short game, passing through an athletic trainer and / or mental coach.

In the United States, you have to find the dedicated coach. However, Stefano Mazzoli's future is not nourished by the American dream alone. To date, the 24-year-old is also well placed in the Alps Tour, a minor European circuit.

The blue is eighth in the standings and will play everything first at the Sutri national team and then in the grand final in Modena. To close the chat with Stefano we ask for three Italian professionals to be put among the "favorites"

The first name, straight away, is Guido Migliozzi. “I appreciate his ability to shoot without thinking for a long time. At least that's what it seems, I like the feeling of security he conveys " Then there is Francesco Molinari "because Molinari is ...

Molinari. For everything he has won and for what he has done for Italian golf ”. Third in order of exposure the other national Francesco, namely Laporta: "Lapo is mentally very strong, he has an uncommon determination"