Scottie Scheffler’s wife crashes post-win interview

Meredith Scheffler has stolen the hearts of millions of golf fans by (almost) stealing her man, Scottie Scheffler’s moment to shine.

by Marteli Brewis
Scottie Scheffler’s wife crashes post-win interview

Scheffler was on live TV, about to talk about how tough a test Bay Hill was when he first had to take a moment to hug his wife, who blitzed onto the scene to celebrate her husband’s second win in his last three starts.

He had just won the Arnold Palmer Invitational and was busy with an interview with NBC Golf’s Kathryn Tappen, but Tappen’s second question was interrupted. She tried to ask Scheffler about his week's challenges, but before she could finish, Scheffler smiled, stared off-screen and was soon greeted by Meredith.

Wife proud of husband “I’m so proud of you!” she said. “Way to go, [caddie] Teddy [Scott]! I’m so proud of you!” Meredith also told Scheffler that his parents and grandma were there for it all.

(His grandma, who will be 87 next week, walked all 18 holes on Sunday.) Whether or not Meredith knew she was on TV is unknown. Whether she cared, was also unknown. But who can blame her? Her husband had just won $2.16 million!

Scheffler eventually returned to answer one final question before celebrating his win. True love and devotion “Meredith obviously knows me better than anybody, being my wife,” Scheffler said later in his press conference.

“She knows how hard it is when I don’t win. So being able to celebrate a win is pretty special, and to have my parents here for this one is extremely cool with all the sacrifices they made growing up. I’m just really pleased”.

Scheffler married his wife Meredith in December 2020. At the time the pair had been together for six years. The pair both grew up in Texas, with Scottie attending Highland Park High School, where he would meet and date Meredith.

According to reports, she is currently working as co-founder of an event planning company situated in College Station, Texas. The Focus has recorded that her husband proposed to her during hiking in the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

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