Tiger Woods Not Giving Charlie the ‘Earl Woods’ Treatment

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Tiger Woods Not Giving Charlie the ‘Earl Woods’ Treatment

Legend golfer Tiger Woods's father, Earl Woods, had a big hand in making his son one of the greatest golfers of all time. Now it is Tiger’s turn to follow in father Earl’s footsteps and train son Charlie to be one of golf’s greats as well.

However, apparently, Tiger coaches his son differently than his father trained him. Tiger loved being on the course with his father, but sometimes it was not much fun. Golf should be fun A source shared the difference between Tiger and Earl’s training strategy with the People magazine.

“Tiger doesn’t want that for Charlie or for himself. They’re all smiles”. Although Tiger respects his father and is grateful for his training, he doesn’t want to be as strict with his son as his father was with him.

“It’s a total bonding situation,” the source added. “It’s not ‘all work, and no play’ like Earl could sometimes get”. In an interview with Golf Digest magazine, Earl Woods explained how he trained son Tiger.

According to him, he tried to raise Tiger not as a golfer, but a good human being. He also said that he never hurt his son physically. Tiger knew what to do according to the tone of his father’s voice. He explained, “You know how you can stop a dog on a dead run? It’s all in the voice”.

Although Earl Woods had always thought his training benefited Tiger, some acquaintances had different opinions. According to Dina Gravell, Tiger’s first love, he had no life skills. Dina Gravell accused his parents of raising him as a golf machine instead of a human being.

Woods had broken up with Dina ib a letter after being in a relationship with her for three years. The techniques may be different, but both the fathers’ aim is the same - to make their sons perfect. Earl Woods has achieved his aim as Tiger is considered the GOAT of golf. Since Charlie is still young, only time can tell whether he would be like his father or even better.