Jordan Spieth Made Special Request to Phil Mickelson at the Masters

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Jordan Spieth Made Special Request to Phil Mickelson at the Masters

Phil Mickelson has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons the past few months. However, he will forever be known for his charming ways on and off the course. Mickelson is just as entertaining away from it, especially on his social media accounts, where the 51-year-old often shares varied content with his fans.

One such attempt at entertaining and sharing was his ‘PhiresidewithPhil’ series, where Mickelson shared interesting stories from his career among other things. Jordan Spieth, also one of the most popular golfers today, was once a guest present on Mickelson’s show back in 2019.

‘I Was Worried’ Mickelson and Spieth shared a few fond memories. Spieth went on to talk about playing the 2017 Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club. “We’ve played a number of practise rounds together.

And in those practice rounds, there’s been multiple occasions where you started to work on willing my ball out of the hole,” the younger man said. He added that being a good mid-range putter did not help, especially as nothing seemed to work while he played against Mickelson.

Spieth then went on to discuss the 2017 Masters, and how it was to play against Mickelson. “I’m worried. I’ve had a restless night,” Spieth added. He explained how he wanted them to root for each other and compete again on Sunday.

With that, there would be some pressure off of their backs. Spieth remembered the day, and how he told Mickelson he was okay with the latter willing the ball out. Mickelson, in the end, also brought up Spieth’s score on Saturday.

The 28-year finished T11 at that event, while Mickelson finished 2022. Spieth won three events in 2017, including the Open Championship win. Mickelson, on the other end, has started playing for the Champions Tour as well. Though currently on a break, most golf fans hope and believe Mickelson will be back soon. Spieth, on the other hand, last played the Players Championship, where he missed the cut.