Is Bryson DeChambeau responsible for green book ban?

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Is Bryson DeChambeau responsible for green book ban?

Bryson DeChambeau is probably one of the best putters on the PGA Tour. He was also part of the group of professionals spoke out about the banning of green books. Recently, however, renowned golf instructor Claude Harmon spoke out about how Bryson was the main reason green books were banned.

In a rare move, the USGA and R&A followed the lead of the players and approved a Local Rule (MLR G-11) in December 2021 that enables a committee to limit players to using only the yardage book that it has approved for use in the competition.

The local rule gives the Tour the ability to establish an officially approved yardage book at each tournament so that the diagrams of putting greens show only minimal detail (such as significant slopes, tiers, or false edges that indicate sections of greens).

In addition, the local rule limits the handwritten notes that players and caddies are allowed to add to the approved yardage book. Bryson responsible for green books ban Golf sometimes has strange and rigid rules. Recently there was a ruling putting an end to the use of green books for green reading.

Claude Harmon and John Graham ( one of the most famous Aim-Point golf instructors) amongst others, hold DeChambeau responsible for the ban. Both golf instructors spoke about the same on Claude’s podcast, namely Off Course with Claude Harmon.

They also discussed how he was doing more green solving, not green reading. Harmon said, “I mean, obviously, they said they wanted to change that because of the time constraint. I personally think the only reason they changed that is because of Bryson.

I think they were tired of Bryson constantly going back and forth to the book and taking so much time”. Graham added, “I do think your point about Bryson is well stated. Most people would complain that Bryson was green solving and not green reading.

Like he wasn’t actually trying to read the green he was just trying to solve for the answer. And some people didn’t, didn’t enjoy that as a part of a skill to the game”. DeChambeau has been scarce on the course this year, having last played on the PGA Tour in January.

He played at the 2022 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines South Course. He ended the event with an overall score of two-under-par as he carded a round of even-par in his second round.