Alligator invades Florida golf course

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Alligator invades Florida golf course

Golfers were reminded of the hilarious Adam Sandler golf movie, Happy Gilmore, recently, when an enormous three-footed gator invaded a Florida golf course. Somehow, the golfers who were near the beast didn't even flinch!

The movie-like scene happened on a hole at Bonita Bay and video footage of the bizarre event is going viral. The creature's trek across the beautiful green grass, shot by a witness on the course, is surreal. In it, viewers can see a gator with a missing right front foot plodding along the turf while several golfers in the distance either was blissfully unaware of the visitor or acted as if there was nothing going on.

People behind the camera, though, gawked at the gator as it moved slowly along, with multiple people noting its missing foot. The gator seemed quite comfortable on the move, though, despite the missing appendage, generally oblivious to the men and women wearing playing golf.

Not golf's first Jurassic moment Matt Devitt of WINK Weather wrote on Facebook: “Check out this big boy walking across a Bonita Bay golf course this past weekend from a WINK viewer. Welcome to Jurassic Park!” Among the 300-plus comments was this from a viewer named Brandi: “I love how everyone is just going about their golf game like there’s not a baby dinosaur walking across the course!” A number of Florida golfers ceased play briefly to allow the giant alligator to cross the fairway.

Florida is home to approximately 1.3 million gators, which are spread throughout all 67 counties in the state, according to the Florida Fish Wildlife and Conservation Commission (FWC). Florida’s golf courses are notorious for their alligators.

The state has a well-recorded history of big gators hanging out on fairways or in the ruff and even PGA Tour players have had to manoeuvre shots around them for years. Back in 2020, a monster of a gator was spotted near a hole in Naples.