Michael Jordan golfing with Dallas Cowboys Legend

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Michael Jordan golfing with Dallas Cowboys Legend

Michael Jordan, one of the most legendary NBA players of all time, is also an avid golfer. Recently, Michael and Tony Romo were seen playing a round of golf together. Jordan's involvement in golf dates back to his NBA debut with the Chicago Bulls.

A casual invitation from friends sparked his interest in the sport, which turned into a hobby he stuck with even after retirement. He is not a professional golfer and plays with a handicap. As one of the wealthiest athletes in the world, Jordan has been enjoying retirement since 2003.

It is well-known that golf is a hobby of Jordan's and he loves playing on his own state-of-the-art course, as well as courses all around the world. Jordan and Romo enjoy a round of golf Golf is not only a popular sport amongst golf professionals, but athletes from all other sports enjoy taking a swing, with basketball players and NFL players at the top of the list.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Jordan teed it up at the El Camaleón Mayakoba Golf Course in Mexico recently as they both love the game and have great golf swings. In the video footage that went viral, both athletes are seen chatting on the green of one of the holes, with Jordan having a cigar while Romo had a big smile on his face.

According to sources, Romo even made a long putt of 20 feet for a birdie. Various fans had gathered around the green. Jordan, on the other hand, unfortunately, missed his putt on the hole. In other footage, Romo is seen hitting his tee shot from one of the holes, proving again that he has a technically sound golf swing.

The results of the game are still unknown. The former Cowboys quarterback is not the only NFL star that Jordan has gone on vacation with. Back in 2015, a video of Jordan playing pickup basketball with the recently unretired Tom Brady went viral. Jordan and Brady were in the Bahamas and indulged in a pickup game.