John Daly’s unbelievable McDonald’s Order

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John Daly’s unbelievable McDonald’s Order

John Daly is a free-spirited person and is open to sharing his daily habits and lifestyle without inhibitions. “Quite a bit,” Daly answered as Graham Bensinger asked him how often he used to go to McDonald’s.

He added that it is not McD that he would go to but almost all the other fast-food outlets, including Burger King and Taco Bells. Bensinger was shocked when the golfer told him about the food he used to eat in one sitting.

“I used to be able to eat two Big Macs, two or three cheeseburgers, chocolate shake, regular Coke…back then in a sitting pretty easily”. Although he still doesn’t regret eating like he used to, Daly doesn’t eat a lot at fast food places anymore.

Trying to do better “I don’t eat a lot of fast food anymore,” said Daly to Bensinger. “It’s weird,” he added. According to the golfer, Burger King has the best burger, whereas McD has the best fries.

So, it is hard to choose a place to eat. Daly continued, “Every now and then, I would be able to eat the whole thing. But a lot of times, I’ll just take the meat out and eat it”. He explained that he can’t eat bread anymore.

It’s clear Daly has never lived by anybody’s standards. However, as he is in his late 50s, the golfer has become more conscious of his health. The 2017 Insperity Invitational champion has another interesting yet unique habit - he doesn’t drink water.

He drinks Diet Coke as an alternative to water. In an interview with the Guardian, Daly admitted to drinking about 28 diet coke cans a day in the past. “I used to have 26-28 cans (of Diet Coke) a day,” Daly said.

He was talking to the Guardian’s reporter at the 2014 Masters. “Now I have 10-12 at the most,” he added. Although 12 cokes a day is too many for others, it is almost half the cans that he used to drink on a daily basis.

Daly also explained why he has chosen to reduce his coke intake. “The band won’t allow me to drink as many,” said Daly. “If I don’t have ice, I can’t drink it,” he added. The golfer also explained that he couldn’t drink it straight from the can because of the carbonation.

“I have to drink it slowly and not out of a can,” he further added. “I need some ice”. Daly revealed his friends call him “Camel” since he doesn’t drink water. Although he still doesn’t drink water, Daly told Bensinger that he had reduced drinking Diet Coke.

He explained that he now drinks milk as an alternative. “I drink about 5 gallons (of milk) a week,” said Daly in the interview. He also only drinks milk if it has chocolate syrup in it.