Phil Mickelson has ‘gone dark’

Bryson DeChambeau recently revealed he has reached out to Mickelson, but without success.

by Marteli Brewis
Phil Mickelson has ‘gone dark’

The 2022 Masters, one of the most prominent and prestigious events in golf, is all set to begin this week at the iconic Augusta National. Unfortunately one of the famous golfers, Phil Mickelson, won’t be competing.

It’s the first time since 1994 that the legend will skip this event. He is one of the biggest names that will be missing The Masters. Mickelson is a three-time Masters champion having won Green Jackets in 2004, 2006 and 2010.

He has won six Majors in total with his 2013 Open Championship and PGA Championships in 2005 and 2021. Bryson DeChambeau says he has tried to reach out to Phil Mickelson but "he's gone dark" and there's been "no contact." Mickelson is taking time away from golf at the moment, following his controversial comments on the PGA Tour and the new Saudi-backed Super League.

His last appearance was at the Saudi International in February. Nobody knows whether he will ever return to competitive golf. Ever since he got involved in the Saudi-backed Golf League controversy, he has disappeared into thin air.

Not just the media, but even his good friends and colleagues find it is impossible to reach out to him. The last time Mickelson talked to the public was when he posted the apology letter on social media. In the letter, he had mentioned taking a break, and ever since then, he has cut all ties with the media and public.

"I've tried to reach out, but he's gone dark. There's no contact," DeChambeau said about his good friend, Mickelson in his pre-Masters press conference. Happy about Tiger DeChambeau also had thoughts about Tiger Woods’ return to the Masters, saying he “couldn't be more happy” to see where Woods is now just 14 months after the accident.

"I haven't spoken to him much, but I have seen him, and we've said ‘hi’ a little bit. And it seems like he's in a really great frame of mind and he wants to win,” the 2020 US Open champion said. "Obviously, he's determined to win.

He wants to come back here and win. And he's got a lot of players that have had a lot of time to kind of catch up, albeit Tiger is Tiger, and you can never count him out. "He is one that may shock a lot of people if he does tee it up this week.

Very, very excited to have him back. Creates a lot of hype and whatnot. And, shoot, from the driving range, we could hear the loud roar when he came out of the clubhouse up to that first tee, and that was pretty special to see or hear at least.

"Couldn't be more happy for him in the place he's at right now, coming back, and proud of him, too. Shoot, coming back off that injury, we've had some conversations, and man, I don't know how he's done it. It's very impressive."

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