Mark Wahlberg’s golf mansion


Mark Wahlberg’s golf mansion
Mark Wahlberg’s golf mansion

Golf is not only enjoyed by amateurs or professionals. Celebrities and other athletes also love to tee it off including action man, Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg is known for movies such as Ted, Invincible, The Italian Job, The Fighter and The Departed.

An avid golfer, the 50-year-old actor and businessman is known for attending various golf events, including the Genesis Open, AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and Sony Open in Hawaii. He is also the part-owner of Flecha Azul Tequila, a company founded by PGA Tour professional, Abraham Ancer and Mexican businessman, Aron Marquez.

The former rapper turned certified thespian’s love for golf is no secret. In fact, when his insanely disciplined daily schedule was revealed back in 2018, a detail that immediately caught the internet’s attention was that Marky Mark hit the green pretty much every single day; right after his post-workout meal and shower, before his post-game snack and cryo-chamber recovery session.

Golf course in the backyard Not only that, but Wahlberg owns an impressive mansion with a short golf course in the Beverly Park neighbourhood. His large estate is rumoured to be a golf paradise with a five-hole layout. That’s right – he has a mini-golf course in his garden!

Wahlberg paid a whopping $8.25 million for the spectacular mansion in 2008 but the current market value is estimated at around $87.5 million. If Wahlberg gets the asked cost of $87.5 million, it will be the second-biggest home sale of the year after the first spot is held at a deal for $141 million.

Five years after sealing the deal, Wahlberg’s house was completed. It includes 12 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, a movie theatre, a two-story library and an outdoor skate park. It also boasts an enormous gym, kitchen, multiple bars and a wine cellar.

It is the par 3 golf course that has most people excited, though. Wahlberg showed the course earlier this year when he had a friendly competition with Abraham Ancer on the par 3 layouts. Built by Back Nine Greens, the setup features a mini-constellation of rollicking greens, deep alabaster bunkers and multiple chipping and pitching areas.

The entire property is ringed by canyons, and the farthest tee is etched high up on a slope. It plays a little more than 120 yards, but not just any guest is allowed to hit from it. Only Wahlberg’s closest pals enjoy that privilege.