Tom Brady a professional golfer?

Brady has found himself related to golf in one way or another for years.

by Marteli Brewis
Tom Brady a professional golfer?

Many athletes and sports stars start playing golf after retirement – mostly for fun and relaxation. But being an athlete himself, can Tom Brady do it professionally after stepping down from the gridiron? Brady has been dabbling in golf for years – from playing charity events, launching golf clothing and making TikTok videos.

After announcing his retirement (which only lasted a few weeks) in February, many golf fans wondered whether he has what it takes to become a professional golfer. The 2022 Masters have come and gone and entertained millions.

Golf fans got to witness the return of Tiger Woods to the tee while the PGA Tour’s top-ranked golfer, Scott Scheffler, walked away the champion at Augusta National. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback posted a video on his official TikTok account titled “Day in the life!” about the 2022 Masters.

He then followed it up with a few hashtags about golf and masters. In the funny video, Brady is in New York. He welcomes all the fans to the Masters but is soon seen passed out on the couch, indicating golf is boring. Brady has competed in two entire golf matches and his lack of success might be what caused his boredom.

In 2020, Brady teamed up with Phil Mickelson to take on Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods. But he lost. The duo also lost to Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers. Brady launches a golf clothing line Brady has launched an apparel brand for young athletes.

The golf collection will feature clothes made with cutting-edge technology and high-performance fabrics. The plan is to break the mould and elevate the traditional golf wear space. With some experience on the golf course, Brady has an idea of how to improve the clothing and performance.

Also, the only place you'll see four of the last five NFL MVPs competing at the same time and same place this year is on a golf course. This year's version of Capital One's The Match will feature a foursome of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. The 12-hole exhibition will take place on June 1.

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