“Santa Claus” John Daly’s Hooters Rendezvous

Apart from Scottie Scheffler’s masterclass golf and Tiger Woods’ brilliant return to the Masters major championship event, another person who caught the eyes of the fans – and he was not even playing.

by Marteli Brewis
“Santa Claus” John Daly’s Hooters Rendezvous

It was of course Long John Daly. Daly is almost more famous for his off-the-course antics over the years than for his actual golf. He is renowned for his lavish lifestyle and gambling habits. One of his most high-profile losses clocked in at over a million and a half dollars.

Losing the $750,000 he had just won after a tournament and then doubling that amount, 2005 wasn’t a great year for Daly. In 2008, John Daly passed out at a Hooters restaurant drunk. He had to spend the night in jail. CNBC reports that the restaurant chain chose not to drop Daly as a sponsored athlete.

Daly famously said, via ESPN, is: “I’ve been honest with a lot of the problems I’ve had in life. Everybody has problems. They can relate to that”. The five-time PGA Tour winner caught the attention once again at the 2022 Masters, even though he was not even competing!

Daly spent most of the Masters in the Hooters tent, where he sells his merchandise to the fans in the parking lot alongside the Augusta National Golf Club. He has been involved with the restaurant since the 1997 Masters. Daly spent Masters week hanging out with Hooters girls And in typical Daly fashion, he made sure to have a whale of time with golf fans and the restaurant's waitresses.

Daly rolled into the local establishment’s car park to enjoy a drink, stuff his face with chicken wings, talk with the fans and of course flog a bunch of official John Daly merchandise. As you’d expect, the wild man took a bunch of pictures with Hooters staff, which eventually found their way onto social media New York Post tweeted a couple of pictures of Daly posing with the Hooters’ waitresses and Twitter went into a frenzy.

He was pictured holding a cigarette in one photo, while others showed him smiling with Hooters girls, who posed with autographed merchandise. Daly’s fans from all over the world started reacting to the two-time major championship winner’s pictures.

Some fans compared him to Santa Claus while others just made jokes. Daly won his second and the last major championship at the 1995 Open Championship. He won the event at St. Andrews, the home of golf. Last month, Daly released his second country album, “Whiskey & Water,” which features Willie Nelson.

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