Cary Cozby compares Tiger Woods to a big NBA star

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Cary Cozby compares Tiger Woods to a big NBA star

Southern Hills' director of golf, Cary Cozby is someone who has been in the world of golf for many years, and who knows even the smallest details. Of course, many golfers can hear a lot from him, and any of his advice means a lot to anyone.

That is why, during the practice round, Cozby gave some advice to Tiger Woods and praised him as a player and all the successes he has achieved. "Everything is so smooth with him now. His rhythm is great, he hit it straight and plenty far, he pitched and putted it great," Cozby told Golf Oklahoma's Ken MacLeod, as quoted by cbcsports.

Tiger Woods wouldn’t be a player like this if he didn’t pay attention to the smallest details if he wasn’t focused on becoming number one and that’s exactly why he’s been at the top for so many years.

"I know guys can hit it past him now, but watching him work was amazing. He's so meticulous, detailed and immersed in what he's doing. He was very inquisitive on lines and the best angles."

Cozby Cary compared Jordan and Woods

Cozby Cary drew a parallel between Tiger Woods and Jordan who showed their qualities in their later years, and one still shows.

It is really impressive to see Tiger Woods and his career, and everything he has done for this sport. "I think he can contend. He's like Michael Jordan late in his career, playing defense and hitting jump shots. Whoever wins here is going to have to be a great chipper and he is still that."

It seems that Tiger Woods is ready for the PGA Championship and will give his best to get a positive result. It won't be easy, but Woods is Woods after all "Unless he has a setback of some kind, he's playing," Cozby Cary said. "This trip was all business."