Lee Westwood on Saudi League request: I have to do what is right for me

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Lee Westwood on Saudi League request: I have to do what is right for me

Lee Westwood is another one of those who requested a release to participate in the LIV Golf International Series "People always have a problem with change and are sceptical. Change and competition are good in any walk of life."

- he said for golfmonthly. “I don't think sport and politics should mix. The European Tour has been happy to play events in Saudi Arabia. The PGA Tour released players for that. It's like Wimbledon banning Russian players.

For what it's worth I don't agree with that, either." He also explained his motives why he decided on this move and considers his move correct. It's an opportunity to play in a big tournament and some of the best players in the world, in England, you know? I love playing in England in front of the home fans.

So, you know, anytime there's an opportunity like that, you know, I feel like I should take it”. . He added: “I'm an independent contractor that, you know, I work for myself. It's my job and I have to do what's right for me."

Westwood on Saudi Arabia

Westwood believes that criticism of Saudi Arabia is not right, and that the country is showing progress and stability. “We’ve played European tour events in Saudi Arabia. I’ve had releases from the PGA Tour saying that I can go play in Saudi Arabia.

So it's it's been no problem to them in previous years. The Formula 1 race there, Newcastle’s owned partly by people from Saudi Arabia, there’s been fights there, you know, boxing fights. I think there's been snooker and darts here as well."

"I think Saudi Arabia are obviously... they know they've got issues. I think you know lots of countries around the world have got issues and I think they're trying to improve, they’re trying to do it through sport, which a lot of places, you know, a lot of countries do.

I think they're doing it a lot quicker than some countries are trying to do it and you know, that maybe worries people or scares people”.