Bob MacIntyre: That’s the only way I can deal with it

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Bob MacIntyre: That’s the only way I can deal with it

Bob MacIntyre announced after the final day at The Belfry. “If I could take one shot back, it would be the tee shot on 10 yesterday, just to pull myself back from the situation that led to what happened on 11 because, at the end of the day, those two holes cost me to be in there with a chance today,” he said for scotsman.

“If I’d hung back and played sensible, 11 wouldn’t have happened off the back of 10. The thing is, though, that I play golf on the line. I get bored, if I’m being blatantly honest. “I could knock a wedge down that hole all day, but I’d get bored by that.

I want to have fun when I’m playing golf and having fun is by being aggressive and disappointments come from that”.

Call out

He expects to be called out “We’ll have a good team chat during this week and I am sure there will be a few harsh words directed at me from people in my team,” he said of coach David Burns, performance manager Stuart Morgan, caddie Mike Thomson and manager Iain Stoddart, as scotsman said.

“But that’s the only way I can deal with it, them being honest. If they are just ‘yes’ men, then they shouldn’t be there. They are going to hang me out to dry at times and I’ll rip into them at points.

“As long as we are honest with each other and tell it how it is behind closed doors, then we can move forward”. The US PGA Championship will be a big challenge for him. “I’m seeing good signs in the game,” he said.

“My iron play on Friday was really good, as was my approach play today, hitting 5-woods into 15 feet, for example. “The game is there and I’m just looking forward to getting a run of events where I can build some momentum as opposed to stop-start at the moment.

“I really want to play but the travel is the problem heading into the US PGA, so I’m taking the week off”.