Super Golf League, list of names gets longer

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Super Golf League, list of names gets longer
Super Golf League, list of names gets longer (Provided by Tennis World USA)

The professionals of the DP World Tour in turmoil After Lee Westwood, whom we talked about a few days ago, another excellent name from the DP World Tour is added to the list of applicants for authorization to play on the Saudi League.

Saudi League, big names

Martin Kaymer. The German, who currently occupies the 191st position in the OWGR, has only played 3 tournaments this year, having chosen to devote time to his family after the birth of his first child.

The list gets longer. After Ian James Poulter and Lee Westwood comes an ex-world number one (position that Kaymer occupied in 2011), at the same time as a Green Jacket. Sergo Garcia. The 2017 Masters Champion made headlines this weekend for his outburst during the Wells Fargo Championship.

Following a ruling, linked to the time to search for the ball, which penalized him, the Spaniard was "caught" by a television shoot saying "I can't wait to leave this Tour" (find the video here). Now. apart from the fact that the PGA Tour subsequently apologized for the ruling suffered by Garcia (the stopwatch to measure the three minutes would have been activated in an inaccurate way) and apart from the rain of criticism received by our Ryder Cup bishop from of American fans, his choice is clear.

But there are voices against the Saudi League even on the European side of the Atlantic. Mike Lorenzo-Vera, for example. In a tweet last Friday, the Frenchman expresses all his disappointment towards his professional colleagues who have decided to play on the League of Saudis.

"What (poetic license, NDR) is going on in some players' heads ????" "Isn't there enough money on the PGA Tour ???" “Isn't it well organized? Do you have a bad schedule? Bad fields? Bad promotion? ^ "Before the arrival of LIV, everyone seemed happy" "INGRATITUDE!" Well, it would seem that on the much mistreated European Tour there is more freedom of thought than on the PGA Tour ...

Today is the deadline for submitting the request for authorization to the tour to which you belong to play the inaugural event of the Saudi Super League. As a result, we will soon be able to understand who has challenged the threats of banning by the PGA Tour Commissioner and the CEO of the DP World Tour (although the latter, as we have recently seen, has toned down a lot).

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