Greg Norman: PGA Tour's action is anti-golfer, anti-fan, and anti-competitive

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Greg Norman: PGA Tour's action is anti-golfer, anti-fan, and anti-competitive

Greg Norman, CEO and commissioner of LIV Golf, is quite furious after the PGA Tour banned its participants from competing at LIV Golf International. "Sadly, the PGA Tour seems intent on denying professional golfers their right to play golf, unless it's exclusively in a PGA Tour tournament," said Norman, as quoted by skysports.

"This is particularly disappointing in light of the Tour's non-profit status, where its mission is purportedly 'to promote the common interests of professional tournament golfers.' This will not be a sign for Norman to stop his intentions, and it seems that this is just an additional motive for him to give his best to improve LIV Golf "Instead, the Tour is intent on perpetuating its illegal monopoly of what should be a free and open market.

"The Tour's action is anti-golfer, anti-fan, and anti-competitive. But no matter what obstacles the PGA Tour puts in our way, we will not be stopped. We will continue to give players options that promote the great game of golf globally."

PGA Tour statement

Tyler Dennis, executive vice president and chief of operations of the PGA Tour, spoke after all, stressing that the PGA Tour will not allow its players to compete in the LIV Golf International series.

They are clear in their decisions! "We have notified those who have applied that their request has been declined in accordance with the PGA Tour Tournament Regulations,"- he said. "As such, Tour members are not authorized to participate in the Saudi Golf League's London event under our Regulations.

"As a membership organization, we believe this decision is in the best interest of the Tour and its players." There has been a lot of controversy in the last few months regarding the PGA Tour and the LIV Golf International series. This story will certainly not end any time soon, as both sides want to achieve their goals.