Barry Lane: "I'm extremely motivated to play"

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Barry Lane: "I'm extremely motivated to play"
Barry Lane: "I'm extremely motivated to play" (Provided by Tennis World USA)

The Alps Tour this week makes a stop in the Austrian beer temple on the occasion of the Goësser Open. At the start, in addition to the participation of the best faces of the circuit, there are also six players of the Senior Tour.

Among them, the name that stands out is that of Barry Lane. Barry boasts a personal best of 685 tournaments played on the European Tour.

Barry Lane, statements

“I am extremely motivated to play with you guys, both because I like to challenge myself and because I love seeing you play.

If I think about it I shoot 240 meters with the drive and if I'm wrong my dispersion is low due to the low speed. You, on the other hand, shoot very long and I was impressed by your accuracy, the level is very high!", said to Notizie Golf.

The level of play on the Alps Tour has increased disproportionately. The competition is gradually becoming more and more ruthless and now to stay at the top of the ranking, nothing can be left to chance. In his time there were no numbers, biomechanics or bubbles.

There was only the famous "fingertip". It's funny to think that until he was 28 he never taught a lesson. He has always been taught that there is no coach on the pitch, so it was up to him to find a way to go straight. He confided that in 2004 during the British Masters he was swinging very badly.

On Tuesday he walked disconsolately for golf when he meets Bob Torrance, Sam's father. Bob stops him and asks, "Barry, how's it going?" And he replies: "Look Bob, I'm completely lost with the swing, I don't know where the ball can go and I can't find a solution".

Then Torrance responds by saying: “I know what you're wrong! It's simple, just extend your right arm more on impact and that's it. " He thanks him and with that feeling he went out on the pitch and won the tournament with a three-stroke advantage. "