The Golf Plus celebrates its 40th anniversary

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The Golf Plus celebrates its 40th anniversary

This year, Golf Plus celebrates its 40th anniversary. The time for Golf Planète to pay tribute to the Schmidlin family, which is at the origin of this tremendous success and which has thus actively participated in the development of golf in France.

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Golf Planète met the siblings – Patrick, Laurence and Claude – as well as the young generation taking over, Alexis and Charlotte. What is immediately striking about the Schmidlins is their calm, their determination, their love of sport, their sense of others and therefore of solidarity and service, their quest for quality, their discretion.

The success that results in 31 stores offering 500 brands, 6 fitting centers, 110 employees and a turnover of 30 million euros (with the Golf Plus Outlet) could have led them to diversify, to think bigger or to parade. None of that with them, who are and remain first and foremost high-level athletes, running their business as one descends a black slope in the Alps, as one plays a Grand Slam course or as one passes Cape Horn in a sailboat.

With lucidity, reason and knowledge. Patrick, who has been in charge since the start, impresses with his calm, his vision, his consistency in a project that calls for reception as well as technique or the choice of the right price.

During our interview, as a good boss, he insisted on his team which surrounds him and which participates every day in the smooth running of Golf Plus. This is what this born entrepreneur told us in the spring of 2022 when blowing out the 40 candles of his company.

"Yes, in our family, everyone plays golf. It's even a long story: our grandfather was, in the 70s, at the origin of the creation of the Royan golf course where he had a real estate agency. This golf course was a municipal golf course which had received the support of the then mayor, Jean de Lipkowski.

We spent our summers in Royan and shared our family days between golf and the beach. Our parents also played golf: our mother was even in the first series and created the Racing La Boulie golf school which today brings together more than 200 children.

However, at the time, this project had not had a lot of attention and she had had to fight to carry out the creation of this school to such an extent that when the president of the club told her "Françoise, you are going to stop tell me about your school? “, she replied tit for tat: “No, president, I will never stop because if you do not create it, all the young people and their families will desert your club…”.
My brother Claude was a good player with an index between 2 and 3 and my sister Laurence collected many titles including ten Golfer's, a national women's competition in which she took part a good thirty times...

She was selected as a team of France junior, adult and senior. Our children are also very athletic, Alexis an excellent skier, hockey player and golfer, Charlotte has won the French team championships 9 times and currently 0 index.

But also my nephews Olivier and Antoine, well-known pros and champions. Olivier has also just created a sports study, the “Rozner Academy”, which makes it possible to do everything possible to develop children into high-level golfers"