LIV reacted to criticism of Greg Norman

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LIV reacted to criticism of Greg Norman

Jamal Khashoggi was a journalist who criticized the Saudi government and system, and in 2018 he was killed. Many believe that his murder was ordered by the Saudi government. Greg Norman commented on this murder: "Everybody has owned up to it, right? It has been spoken about, from what I've read, going on what you guys reported.

Take ownership, no matter what it is," Norman said, as quoted by golfmonthly. "Look, we've all made mistakes and you just want to learn from those mistakes and how you can correct them going forward."

LIV Golf Investments reaction

LIV Golf Investments has reacted to Amnesty International's criticism of Greg Norman's comment on the murder.

"The killing of Jamal Khashoggi was reprehensible. Everyone agrees about that, including Greg and he has said as such previously on many occasions. Greg also knows that golf is a force for good around the world and can help make inroads toward positive change.

That is why he is so excited about LIV and that was the point he was making”. Norman said that the Saudis also have many positive things. "This whole thing about Saudi Arabia and Khashoggi and human rights, talk about it, but also talk about the good the country is doing to change its culture.

There are not many countries that can stand up and be proud of that. They can't be proud of their past - there are a lot of countries in this world that have a cross to bear too - but they are looking after the younger generation."

Felix Jakens, Amnesty UK’s head of campaigns also commented on everything. “Greg Norman’s remarks that the Saudi government’s brutal murder of Khashoggi and its attempted cover-up were a ‘mistake’ are wrong and seriously misguided.

Far from trying to ‘move on’, the Saudi authorities have attempted to sweep their crimes under the carpet, avoiding justice and accountability at every turn.