France, new performance center for golfers

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France, new performance center for golfers

The wall trembles under the first impact. The heavy black medicine ball once again smashes violently against the brand new wooden wall. Tom Vaillant, the author of this morning racket, is already sweating as his training day has just started in early May.

The daily sports session of the number 2 French amateur is far from unusual. It's the place where he unrolls it that is a little more so. Around him, a huge room of 450 m2 which still smells of fresh paint. And for good reason, the performance center of the French Golf Federation (ffgolf) has only been open for a few months.

It is there, in the very heart of the National Golf Course, a stone's throw from the usual practice of the Open de France, that one of the most important tools of the French high-level sector has emerged.

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Because on the aptly named performance platform which welcomes the members of the French amateur team for a training course, are grouped most of the tools dedicated precisely to high performance.

In addition to a complete physical preparation area, the set has a synthetic putting green equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies (PuttView, Sam Putt Lab, etc.), an indoor analysis bay lined with high-speed cameras, and half-a-dozen mats also decked out with cutting-edge techniques that the extreme level of precision at the top level adores (TrackMan, force plates, etc.).

Jean-Luc Cayla, performance director at ffgolf, goes straight to the point to characterize this new tool dedicated to the best French golfers: “We build performance and we support the creation of the champion with this kind of structure.

When you arrive at this center, the first desire is to train, to test everything, to work on your physique, to hit the force plates... It reinforces motivation from an early age, it's very precious . » A little jump in time to understand a little better where this large building with its majestic light wooden beams and all that it conceals comes from.

We are in 2015 and Édouard Bréchignac, then coach of the French women's teams, is in full discussion with Christophe Muniesa, the general manager of the ffgolf. Their topic of conversation of course revolves around the very high level.

And more precisely on the investments then made by the federation towards world-renowned experts in all performance sectors. "I thought it was great, remembers Édouard, but something bothered me: we didn't have the infrastructure at our disposal to place ourselves at the same level as the expertise of these stakeholders, particularly with regard to the little game.

As a result, the intervention lost its relevance. This structural limitation was frustrating for all coaches. From this observation stems the Stadium, this huge short game area with specifications from the European Tour, which came out of the ground near hole No. 14 of the Albatross a little less than two years ago