Girona, candidacy to host Ryder Cup in 2031

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Girona, candidacy to host Ryder Cup in 2031

he facilities of the PGA Catalunya, located in Caldes de Malavella (Girona), have submitted a candidacy to host the Ryder Cup in 2031, according to the newspaper La Vanguardia on Thursday and sources from the Catalan Federation have confirmed to EFE of Golf.

Ryder Cup, Catalunya

The federation has reported that in the next few days the head of the Ryder Cup, Guy Kinnings, is scheduled to visit Catalonia to meet with members of the Generalitat government. The Costa Brava-Barcelona candidacy is the result of work in recent years between the Catalan and Spanish federations, and the firm commitment of the PGA Catalunya, which a few weeks ago already hosted the Catalunya Championship, a test of the DP World Tour (European circuit), to become a world reference field.

The Girona golf club has already aspired to host the 2022 Ryder Cup -later moved to 2023-, an edition that Rome will finally organize. The Ryder Cup is the biennial confrontation between the best golfers in Europe and the United States and alternates in each edition between both territories.

It is considered the most important event in world golf for teams. Spain already welcomed him in the 1997 edition in Valderrama (Cádiz). According to information from La Vanguardia, the candidacy already has the support of the Government of Spain, as well as the Diputación and the Girona City Council.

Guarantee of 100 million euros
The newspaper states that the Government has given a political endorsement to the event, which in the future should amount to 96 million euros, while the Girona Provincial Council would contribute 4 million more.

For their part, the owners of the PGA Catalunya would invest 25 million in infrastructure and in the construction of a new course that would meet the requirements of the Ryder. Currently, the promoters are in negotiations with the Generalitat and the Girona City Council and Provincial Council to obtain their support.

According to the aforementioned information, between the three administrations they would have to contribute about 45 million to be paid in ten years. This candidacy is presented at a time when Catalonia has been nominated as the venue for major sporting events.

Barcelona will host the America's Cup for sailing in 2024 and the Vuelta Ciclista a España will start in 2023 from the Catalan capital, while the Spanish Olympic Committee clarifies the options for Catalonia and Aragon to organize the 2030 Winter Olympics.

In 2023 the Ryder Cup will be based in Rome, in 2025 in New York (United States), in 2027 in Limerick (Ireland) and in 2029 in Minnesota (United States).