Justin Thomas: "Tulsa, 18 dollars for a beer"

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Justin Thomas: "Tulsa, 18 dollars for a beer"

Beer at the PGA Championship becomes an accident When you attend a professional golf tournament, in addition to the spectacle guaranteed by the players, you will also appreciate the refreshment points along the course. However, spectators watching the PGA Championship in Southern Hills were in for a bitter surprise.

The price of beer. A photo of one of the stands posted by a fan on Twitter blew up the case.
Aside from the price of water (in the United States they have a different standard than ours), the prices of beers are exaggerated to say the least.

It takes $ 18 for a Michelob Ultra and $ 19 for a Stella Artois. Not exactly cheap, especially when we compare them with the prices charged at the Masters Tournament. The subject is so "hot" that even Justin Thomas has expressed his opinion on it.

Justin Thomas, statements

As soon as he arrived in Southern Hills he tweeted: "$ 18 for a damn beer ?????" "What does he do, he cures cancer or what else! ????" To give a yardstick, for $ 19 (one dollar more than the 70 centiliter can sold in Southern Hills) you can buy the 18-piece pack from Target, one of the most famous supermarket chains in the US.

If you add the temperatures that are being recorded in Tulsa ... that's it. It's going to be a pretty expensive weekend for the fans… Justin Thomas was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky. His father, Mike Thomas, has been in the golf business for thirty-two years and has been a member of the American PGA for twenty-five years and his grandfather was a PGA Tour and Senior PGA Tour veteran.

Since his father has been the club professional at Harmony Landing Country Club in Goshen, Kentucky since 1990, Justin starts playing very early, takes his first lessons at the age of two and begins participating in tournaments at the age of eight.

He attends St. Xavier High School and, according to American law, having attended the first year of high school (freshman), he can participate in the Wyndham Championship of the PGA Tour in 2009. Thomas graduated in 2011 and later attended the University of ' Alabama in Tuscaloosa, where he wins the Crimson Tide six times and plays on the national team. In 2012 he won the Haskins Award for best university golfer.