Challenge Tour's back in Continental Europe

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Challenge Tour's back in Continental Europe

The Challenge Tour makes a stop in Cadiz at the Novo Sancti Petri Golf Club and represents the first tournament in Continental Europe after the start of the season in South Africa.

The Challenge Tour, schedule

Eight Azzurri take part in the tournament and certainly among those in better shape we find Matteo Manassero, Lorenzo Scalise and Stefano Mazzoli, by invitation, after a "rocket" start on the Alps Tour.

The Cadiz route is not particularly long but it "defends itself" with three weapons: The dog legs outlined by the maritime pines in which the ball often gets stuck
The greens are very fast and full of micro slopes
The gusty wind
This mixture of factors makes the field challenging.

It will give plenty of birdie opportunities for those who are accurate from the tee and instead leave a few more puzzles for those who argue with the drive. As usual, from the Challenge Tour, there will be an extremely short ranking where even those who pass the cut last, with a good “moving day”, can fight to win.

Usually Spain is a friendly land and if our Azzurri do not get lost in a few too many "cerveza", I am sure that the tricolor flag will be in the high rankings. Stefano Mazzoli is really in great shape and has a grit seen in the eyes of a few.

Italian golf still takes the international showcase thanks to Stefano Mazzoli who, on the A&B course (par 72) of the Sokhna GC, in Suez in Egypt, won the Ein Bay Open, the first tournament of the season of the Alps Tour 2022 .

The blue won with a total of 202 (69 65 68, -14) shots ahead of Irish Conor Purcell, second with 204 (-12), and Spanish Enrique Marin Santander and Frenchman Pierre Pineau, third with 205 (-11). Among the many Italians competing, a good performance also for Michele Ortolani (67 69 70), Gregorio De Leo (66 68 74) and Andrea Romano (67 70 71), respectively 5 / o with 206 (-10) and 7 / i with 208 (-8). Also in evidence the young amateur Flavio Michetti, who finished in 21st position with 211 (70 70 71, -5).