Ryder Cup, Catalunya is only option for now

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Ryder Cup, Catalunya is only option for now

Twenty-five years after celebrating the Ryder Cup outside the British Isles for the first time, specifically in the Cadiz field of Valderrama thanks to the efforts of the president of the club, the Bolivian millionaire Jaime Ortiz Patiño, and of course Severiano Ballesteros - both fought the unspeakable and in the end managed to break the British resistance-, another Spanish course, Catalan to be exact, the Caldes de Malavella PGA (Girona), is the first option contemplated, now, solely and exclusively, by the Committee of the Ryder to concede in the coming weeks, the celebration of the biennial match between Europe and the USA in 2031.

Ryder Cup, Spain

Undoubtedly, it is a proposal that has its history and powerful background, but that was stuck and was dislodged a few days ago thanks to the efforts of the Foment del Treball employers' association and its president Josep Sánchez Llibre, who notified of the country's interest for the candidacy (we repeat, right now the only one) through the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG) and the Catalan Golf Federation (FCGolf), he got down to work, made the pertinent steps and obtained the political and the main Spanish and Catalan institutions.

As who says he managed to agree between the public and private sectors. Sánchez Llibre is pushing the issue as far as he can, dedicated to it. The stakes are high for this country's economy after years of turmoil. The next 15 days will be key, firstly because a meeting is scheduled for next May 27 at the Barcelona City Council to certify the support of the Ciudad Condal for the candidacy (it would be called Barcelona-Costa Brava) and secondly because in two weeks it will have A meeting took place (it is the key to closing the operation) in the Generalitat, with the President Pere Aragonès and the CEO and Ryder Cup Director Guy Kinnings, as great 'factotums' of the important agreement.

Catalonia, as MD has been able to confirm, has until the end of June, no more, to tie up all the loose ends and confirm the organization of what for the political, business, sports and social sectors would be the biggest sporting event in held in Catalonia after the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games.

Even more so than the America's Cup for sailing. If finally there was no agreement, a process would be opened in Spain of candidacies to host it and Madrid would then enter the scene for sure. We are talking about a budget of 189 million euros (it is the 'paste' that Ryder Cup Limited asks for to be the headquarters in Europe), an amount that is about to be met so that, finally, after two failed attempts and not because they will not give up trying (the 1997 and 2022 editions) the PGA Catalunya of the powerful Irish businessman Denis O'Brien (a true lover of the Costa Brava), will host one of the three most important sporting events in the world.