Vigna d’Argento, Antonio Faravelli protagonist

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Vigna d’Argento, Antonio Faravelli protagonist

Great success at the Testori Auditorium of the Lombardy Region for the first edition of the Vigna d’Argento award. After seven editions in Salento and two in Rome, the Prize, represented by one of the symbols of the Apulian territory, made by the Lecce master Ugo Malecore, made its debut for the first time in the Lombard capital.

Promoted by the patron Pino Lagalle, since 2011 the award has been assigned to personalities from culture, entertainment, institutions and civil society who have contributed to the growth of the country.

Vigna d’Argento, Golf and Wine

To receive it in this edition, which the conductors of the evening Alberto Oliva and Elisabetta Invernici have defined "of the rebirth", were Apulian excellences now Milanese of action, together with figures who were born and lived in Milan, but with an always open look in the world.

The first to receive the Silver Vine was the Councilor for Security of the Lombardy Region Riccardo de Corato, who then left the baton to the Councilor for the Budget of the Municipality of Milan Emmanuel Conte. Then it was the turn of the great artists, such as Maestro Stefano Ranzani, conductor all over the world, and Margherita Palli, the set designer of Luca Ronconi's greatest productions at the Piccolo Teatro and at La Scala, but also in theaters all over the world.

Europe. The actor Massimo Boldi and the VIP journalist Roberto Alessi, lifelong friends and finally rewarded together in this event, brought it color for television and cinema. Another representative of politics, this time national, was the deputy Cristina Rossello, awarded for her constant commitment to women's rights, for which she fights inside and outside the Chamber.

Tomaso Trussardi, present in the room with his splendid Odin greyhound, received the Award for his Fast Cars Slow Food entrepreneurial project, dedicated to the enhancement of small Italian villages. To close the event, the award to Augusto Mazzolari, an entrepreneur who built himself the perfumery brand that he still runs today with his beautiful family, testifying to the importance of historic shops, a fundamental heritage of our city.

At the end of the evening, Pino Lagalle's heartfelt thanks in Milan for the warm welcome received, in view of the upcoming events in Lecce on June 25 and in Rome on September 22, before returning here for the 2023 edition.