Challenge de España, bad conditions: windy

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Challenge de España, bad conditions: windy

The 2nd round of the Challenge de España started this morning with the champion leading at -6, but today's conditions made it really difficult not only to achieve a good score, but also to keep what was already set aside in the opening round.

Challenge de España, results

The -3 obtained in the 1st round allowed the Swede Mikael Lindberg, who today scored +1 for the day (5 bogeys and 4 birdies), to finish the 36 holes at -2 and move to 1st position. At a distance (-1) we find the Spanish Pedro Oriol, second player with a total result under the PAR.

The conditions defined as “brutal” due to the persistent wind explain why only 6 players managed to close today's 18 holes below PAR, with the German Bernd Ritthammer who made the best lap of the day: 66 strokes (4th place).

Total PAR and 4th place also for the British Mitch Waite and Jonathan Thomson, the Spaniard Victor Pastor, the Irish Conor Purcell, the Swiss Benjamin Rusch and the Portuguese Pedro Figueiredo. Good performance by Stefano Mazzoli, who confirms himself as 1st Italian in the field, today in 17th position.

He closes the 2nd round of the Challenge de España at +4 (76 strokes) and is at +2 total. Enrico Di Nitto, 57th yesterday, today climbs to 20th place thanks to a 73 (+1) of the day. On the score he scores 4 bogeys and 3 birdies and is tied with Matteo Manassero, who today runs 74 shots which, combined with yesterday's 73, bring him to +3 total.

The cut, set at 7 above the PAR, leaves 67 players on the field over the weekend and excludes the other blues on the field: Federico Maccario and Jacopo Vecchi Fossa (both at +8 total), Filippo Bergamaschi and Lorenzo Scalise (+11) and Aron Zemmer (+13).

The Challenge de España is a windy 1st round, with strong gusts hindering the players who started in the afternoon the most. Among these, however, the South African Wilco Nienaber stands out, who starts the round between the last starts and immediately scores an eagle on hole 2.

He completes the round, bogey free, making 4 birdies on the score and moving to 1st position, at -6. total (66 shots). The Swiss Jeremy Freiburghaus, leader in the Club House for most of the day (he started at 8:30 in the morning group) slips to 2nd position, after a lap in 67 strokes (-5).