Nick Faldo on Phil Mickelson's record: One of the greatest achievements in our game

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Nick Faldo on Phil Mickelson's record: One of the greatest achievements in our game

Nick Faldo commented on the Phil Mickelson case and it is clear that most are missing this great golfer. “That’s where he created everything, he’s a legend out here," he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.

"We know if he needs — wants to go and play for guaranteed cash, we know there’s another option out there. “But I was thinking about it — he’s done two amazing things. When you come on Tour, all you want to do as a kid is compete — that word, compete — and he won as an amateur, 20, and then at 50.

All you want to do is compete and prove you can do it again, and he won at 50. And so that is absolutely — the middle 30 years is pretty darn good too as well; legendary career — but just think of those two things.

You’re a golfer, all you want to do is compete. “You did it as an amateur and he did it at 50 years old, two astonishing things… You had an incredible career. Like the guys say, to come back out and get on the PGA Tour”.


Mickelson has many records and good results but one of the most impressive is that he became the oldest ever Major winner at 50 at Kiawah Island “We commented that Sunday afternoon — I said, well, along with Tiger winning his 15th Major, this, for me, was one of the greatest achievements in our game.

To win a Major at 50, you got to appreciate the physical effort Phil made was a three-year project, not a three-week one, to get himself to swing the club faster. "And then to have the mental strength to be able to take on the youngsters and take it on yourself more importantly — as we know in this game, it’s all about dealing with the negativity.

“But to do that at a Major, on a Sunday afternoon, and he outplayed Brooks Koepka, he went on to win and I really believe in our lifetime that will not be topped. Nobody will be older than that”.