Jon Rahm: "I only missed a fairway in Tulsa"

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Jon Rahm: "I only missed a fairway in Tulsa"

World number 2 Jon Rahm finished his journey at the PGA Championship, the second Grand Slam of 2022 played at the Southern Hills, in Tulsa (Oklahoma), with a round under par, 68 strokes (-2), the best of the week, which It included four birdies and two bogeys and a shot off the tee at hole 17, par 4, which ended with the ball three meters from the flag but failed to finish off the eagle.

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Rahm, with the entire last day to play, was in the top 50, a position that was undoubtedly very far from his aspirations, which in addition to trying to fight for his second 'major' focused on returning to the leadership of the world ranking once Scottie Scheffler was no longer the cut will pass.

but the Basque needed to win yes or yes this week and it has not been possible. The Spaniard said at the end of his round that it had been the round of golf in which he best timed putts and rolled the ball on the greens in a very long time.

"I can only blame the mistake on the 17th putt (for eagle), which has been really bad, because all the others I have felt very well", he stated in a mixed zone to the portal '' "I only missed a fairway, a day like today...

with how well I played and in the last few holes it went a little wrong. Sometimes things don't work out. I keep thinking about the first day, +3... three mistakes I can fix. It's easy to think about it, to think about what I could have done better and what could have been."

Then he acknowledged that "my thought today was to take advantage and try to blow up the course; I played very well and could have been much better. I'm not going to blame myself for anything, but it's not easy to putt here.

I leave with a positive mind in that regard", concluded. Be that as it may, he hasn't had any luck with the weather, the few bad shots given have penalized him a lot and the putt hasn't smiled at him either, which has been a bit of his Achilles' heel in this first part of the season.

He has lacked rhythm, and it is clear that it has not been his week. Everything has turned out the other way around than he had planned. Perhaps the comment that Barrika's man made to his caddy after hitting a great 3-wood in 17th round sums up what the tournament has been like: "Let's see if I have a bit of luck for the first time this week."

The ball stopped 10 feet from the hole but did not putt. His next tournaments on the PGA Tour are the Memorial, at Muirfield Villlage (Dublin, Ohio), and the US Open, at The Country Club in Brookline (Boston).