Justin Thomas: Tiger Woods will always find something to give me grief about

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Justin Thomas: Tiger Woods will always find something to give me grief about

PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas commented on Tiger Woods and his withdrawal from the tournament. "I wouldn't say how tough it was to see him struggle. I mean, he made the cut in his second major in a row, what, a year and a half after being in a gruesome car accident, [with a] broken leg? "I don't think you guys understand how unbelievable that is.

He's a freak of nature. It's mind-blowing the things that he can do with his mind. "I didn't play during his prime, but from the times I've been out here - him winning the Masters in 2019 and winning the TOUR Championship, him making the cut these last two tournaments - for how some of the conditions he was in last year, it's absurd, like beyond absurd."

- he said for skysports. Thomas revealed that he was talking to Woods who decided to joke with him.
"I talked to him a little last night and asked how he was feeling," Thomas said. "And he just said he was feeling terrible because my name kept dropping on the leaderboard.

"So I was like, 'thanks, good to talk to you too, I'll talk to you later.' "

Thomas on Woods

Thomas also revealed that Woods will always find a way to annoy him, but they seem to be good friends and it's all part of the joke.

We hope Woods returns as soon as possible. "I think now I only have like 150 other things to do that he's done to where he can stop giving me grief," Thomas added. "So I guess it's just a stepping stone.

"I'm sure he probably will give me a hard time for shanking it, [or say] I should have made the putt on 18 [and] shouldn't have been in a playoff. "I don't know, he'll always find something to give me grief about."