Tiger Woods, 800 million dollars in cars and jets

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Tiger Woods, 800 million dollars in cars and jets

We certainly do not find out today that Tiger Woods was the golfer with the golden eggs. Two decades as the absolute number one in golf, 82 races won on the PGA Tour and dozens of sponsors queuing up for a millionaire spot in seconds have turned into an 800 million dollar fortune.

A wagon of money that will guarantee an income for several generations. A US site, TheRichest.com, tried to list the entries and exits of the greatest golfer of the modern era. "A lot, a lot of stuff" would say the Milanese Imbruttito in a golf version looking at the "give" and "have" items of the TW empire.

That $ 800 million nest egg is constantly growing even though Tiger hasn't played for ten months now. Woods is recovering after a dramatic car accident in Los Angeles on February 23: a very violent crash seemed to compromise his existence first and then his career.

The man-Tiger is coming out slowly but well as shown by these photos without crutches taken in Florida for the contest for his son Charlie. For the Woods golfer we give time to time.

Tiger Woods, cars

Tiger Woods now earns $ 62 million a year without hitting a single golf ball.

The sponsors have not forgotten about him and continue to shower him with gold. And he, wisely advised, manages a scary brand between investments and a thousand and one nights. The 45-year-old is spoiled for choice on how to move.

He can choose whether to move on land, on the sea or in the sky. All according to the destination and / or the mood of the day. The garage of his residence in Jupiter (Florida) has nothing to envy to that of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Let's start with a Lamborghini Murcielago to which a 2001 Buick Bengal Concett must be added, that is a prototype of a car that never arrived on the road because it was never marketed. The collection includes a “never banal” Porsche Carrera GT, a Buick Enclave SUV and a Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG.

If he doesn't want to drive, Tiger could relax aboard Privacy, a 48-meter-long private yacht with a total surface area of ​​600 square meters. On board there can comfortably fit ten people plus the same number of crew.

Purchased in 2004 for $ 17 million, the Privacy has an elevator and can become his support point when playing tournaments with a sea view. It is usually docked at the North Palm Beach port. Not to shop at the mall but to move from state to state, Woods also has the air option, which is to take off his jet, a $ 54 million Gulfstream G550.

The dollars won also end up in the main investment sector. It is known for certain that a real estate company with many zeros is registered in TW. Owned (despite the intention to sell it) even an island in Lake Malaren, an hour's drive from Stockholm.

The island (with its own marina and six golf holes) was bought when Woods was happily married to Swedish model Elin Nordegren (his wife from 2004 to 2010). On the same level is its headquarters in Florida, in Jupiter precisely.

There is talk of a 45 million dollar mansion bought in 2006 for 40 and enriched over the years with a mini-golf course, hyperbaric chamber, swimming pools and gym. Could a restaurant be missing from the TW holding? Of course not.

Having played and eaten on all continents, Woods wanted to rework what he appreciated and offer it in a multi-ethnic key at The Woods Jupiter. The restaurant was inaugurated in 2020, also in the city of him in Florida. It quickly became the hangout for Tiger's friends and extended family.

In modern golf no one is and has been as great as Tiger Woods. Everything he touches turns to gold. With 82 tournaments won so far on the PGA, this athlete is a magnet for sponsors. The legend tells of a $ 200 million contract with Nike for sticks and balls first and then for sportswear.

Bridgestone hired him for 20 years to play with his balls. . Other world famous brands that have invested in him are the likes of Rolex, Discovery Communication, TaylorMade, Monster Energy, Hero Motorcorp and Upper Deck Another green item in the Tiger Woods holding's financial statements is golf.

Better: the golf design. The 45-year-old has the experience and knowledge to imagine and build camps around the world. He has signed at least a dozen, from his home in Houston, from Dubai to the Bahamas. Do you want to put what is of appeal for any amateur in the world to be able to say that he has played once on an 18-hole course designed by Tiger Woods? A separate chapter (also a millionaire) is his social commitment made possible thanks to the Tiger Woods Foundation.