Paige Spiranac: Rory McIlroy gets a pass?

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Paige Spiranac: Rory McIlroy gets a pass?

Rory McIlroy can't be happy with his performance at the PGA, especially when we take into account the advantage he gained at the start, but still he didn't take advantage of it. Paige Spiranac commented on his game and his decisions.

"Rory gets a pass? He doesn’t turn down interviews all the time. Like, Bryson turns them down just because. Rory turned it down because I think Rory is just…. Hearing everything that everyone is saying and he’s hearing what he is saying in his own head and it’s just a lot”.- she said, as quoted by firstportz.

She made a comparison between him and Pereira, but this tournament involves a lot: mental strength, focus, and so on. “So when you look at both situations [McIlroy’s and Pereira’s performance on Sunday], I think you would say that he [McIlroy] would come on top and this is again something he can learn from.

But mentally this is something that’s harder for someone like Rory to overcome Mito. And I think it’s because, again, it’s the same narrative with Rory over and over again. It breaks my heart to say this, but he’s serving up the Rory special”.

Paige Spiranac: He has the lead, he’s in contention

This kind of results crisis is quite normal, and it seems that Rory McIlroy is not so disappointed. Of course, he is aware that he could have done more, but there are still many challenges ahead of him, and his experience and quality will come to the surface.

“He has the lead, he’s in contention, he blows it with one round, kinda gives it a Sunday run when it doesn’t matter. And it’s like…. Where’s this Rory that when he first came out was fiery and had no fear? Now it’s like he can’t string four rounds together to get it done. What’s going on between his ears that’s causing him to continuously do this over and over again