Tommaso Perrino overtakes Joakim Bjorkman

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Tommaso Perrino overtakes Joakim Bjorkman

Tommaso Perrino celebrates at the Royal Park I Roveri and is entitled to it. The player from Livorno has won the Italian Disabled-Sanofi Open for the third consecutive time. “In the final I missed a few shots - he said - but I'm obviously satisfied.

I really care a lot about this event and celebrating the success in Italy, in a wonderful circle, is special ”.

Tommaso Perrino, Disabled-Sanofi Open

In Turin Perrino won, in the stroke play medal ranking, with a total of 140 strokes (69 71, -4) overtaking the Swedish Joakim Bjorkman (winner from 2015 to 2018), second with 144 (par).

Then the Swiss Rasmus Lia (74 74) and the Turkish Mehmet Kazan (73 75), who closed the race with a score of 148 (+4). In the drawn stroke play ranking Pietro Andrini (67 68) finished in first place, with Andrea Plachesi (66 69) runner up.

Both had a total of 135 (-9) strokes but Andrini had a better score in the last nine holes. Good result also for Luca Gurrieri (at his first Open), third with 137 (-7). In the stableford category, Gregorio Guglielminetti (39 46) won it over Fabiano Paratore (45 40) - who, like him, scored 85 points - thanks to a better finish than the Swiss who preceded Loris Stradi, third with 83 points.

Special success for Guglielminetti, color bearer of the Royal Park I Roveri. With regard to the Italian championship, the prize went to Tommaso Perrino (for the second consecutive year), first gross in the stroke play category and Vittorio Cascino, second gross in the stroke play category.

Then Pietro Andrini, first clear in the stroke play category, Gregorio Guglielminetti, first clear in the stableford category and Loris Stradi, second clear in the stableford category. "Best Woman" went to Luisa Ceola.

For the “Sensory” category, awarded Stefano Palmieri, blind golfer. But what won was also and above all the enthusiasm of all the protagonists in the competition who provided yet another demonstration of how golf is a sport beyond all barriers, for everyone.

"I am very happy, it was a wonderful tournament and being able to win it, for the third consecutive time, makes me proud. I started strong, without ever losing the leadership. In the end I missed a few shots, but I can obviously feel satisfied because I really care a lot about this event and celebrating the success in Italy, in a wonderful circle, is special.

"This is the joy of Perrino who, after the successes of 2019 and 2021 (the competition was not played, due to Covid, in 2020), he dominated the scene once again, also taking the Italian title. In a tournament beyond the result, where the passion and determination of the protagonists made the difference. competition: between smiles and fair play.